Aerial Video

High Desert Talent Agency offers a new capability when planning your next film shoot. Aerial Perspectives. If you would like to discuss this capability, call the agency at (760) 793-0882.


Aerial Perspectives offers aerial perspective viewing of location sites. This capability offers a unique first person perspective for directors, producers and production staff. Our unique blend of state-of-the-art, low-cost, remotely-piloted vehicles, combined with First Person Video systems, allows directors to take virtual rides on board the vehicle looking through the camera as if standing behind it. This perspective is unmatched even with manned aircraft, and can be performed for a fraction of the cost.

Production staff will be able to scan locations as if they were airborne without ever leaving the ground. Directors will be outfitted with their own video viewing goggles and can provide real-time direction to the operator to ensure they get exactly the perspective they need. They will easily scout locations of up to 2 kilometers using vehicles traveling up to 60 miles per hour.

We will assist in scene and location preparation and offer full service airborne consulting. A typical flight lasts 8-10 minutes and video can be reviewed immediately on any laptop upon landing. Aerial Perspectives builds and flies all our vehicles and as such we can custom build vehicles for any occasion. If there is a need for faster, higher, smaller, bigger, we can build a vehicle to suit.

Our team

Our consultants have extensive military aviation and special operations experience. They have experience with the design, testing and flight of remotely-piloted vehicles and build, maintain and customize our vehicles.


Current Vehicles

QAV-400 GO Pro Black 4K Resolution,~8-10 min flight time per battery

QAV-500 GO Pro Black 4K resolution, ~8-10 min flight time per battery